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PWI Princples: Share Reflections - Earn Points

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1. After reviewing "Relationships at Home" eMod Article, what are the 3 most important concepts you learned or confirmed?
2. How relevant is this for your life?
3. Who do you know that would benefit from this information?
5. Looking to add a little wisdom or insight to your pocket?

PWI provides a variety of FREE Webinars and we invite you to join us! Based on the Video Topics and eMod Links you are exploring in the app, review the list below and select the Topics that catch your interest.

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6. As you explored the App, you would have learned about PWI’s proprietary eMod Courseware.

Why is eMod Courseware so unique?

Review the list below and select the topics that catch your interest. Then, join us for a FREE Webinar to learn more about how this tested and proven eMod experience supports a variety of learning ages, styles and abilities!
7. Just a few other class topics.  Select those of interest to you. We look forward to seeing you online.