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Group Membership: Get an E.A.R

Followship - Leadership

The PWI E.A.R is an Employee Assistance Resource. It is an essential resource for the modern digital workplace.

The goal of the E.A.R is to:
  • give employees a VOICE
  • allow employees to be HEARD 
  • allow management to HEAR what's really going on beyond the shadow cultures with the organization and community
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Followship-Leadership: A Proven Solution
Level 5 Leadership is a management philosophy that was originally developed and implemented by Edward Deming to rebuild our nation.  Though the concept originates as the foundation of Deming’s principles, it has been magnified many times by Jim Collins, the author of Good to Great and his powerful team.

The roots of Deming’s work rest in the realization that the true wisdom of a company is inherent in the practical insight found in the pockets of the people that make all the visions, policies and procedures work.  It is under this philosophy that:
  • Management (Leadership) – Decides where the company should go.
  • Employees (Followship) – Decides how to make it work so they can get there.
Level 5 Followship Collaboration Laboratories Co-Labs™
Supporting Level 5 Leadership
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